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What we do with music, fire and dance is bring back the ancient melodies that got lost over time and space, in order to revive the connection between Nature and man’s primitive instinct.

During the Middle Age this instinct was weakened and silenced until it was forbidden and demonized. In our name that demon “The Devil” – “Il Diavolo” – lays together with his cure: the bagpipe – Musa in Old Italian.

We are “Le Muse del Diavolo”. “Musa” stands for “CornaMusa” – BagPipe – an instrument born in Italy, in a very ancient time, even if many people ignores its Italian origins.

Our Italian “Muse” and drums bring back to life that damned and forbidden sound which has the ability to kick you in the gut and bring you to another dimension. Together with an exciting and seductive dance that hypnotizes and overwhelms, our music let you escape from the prison of the ordinary life.

We love to play in profane and irreverent contexts, plenty of food and drink but especially where people loves having fun, dancing until they aren’t able to feel their feet.You may see us with masks that portray devils, satyrs, wolves and demons… Please don’t let the “Panic” take over… just follow us in the whirlwind of the music and find the pathway to another dimension.

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